About iMan

iMan is a graphical viewing application for UNIX man pages (textual documentation files). iMan provides a Mac OS X native Aqua interface as an alternative to use of the man program via the Terminal.

A variety of useful features have been implemented in iMan, including:

iMan is written in the Objective-C language using Apple's Cocoa frameworks. It currently runs only on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and up. The BSD subsystem must be installed. iMan is made available under the BSD License, giving you broad freedom to use and modify the application and its source code.


iMan Viewing Window
iMan Viewing Window
iMan Preferences


The current release of iMan is 0.4. This release features updates and polish to the user interface, numerous bugfixes, and substantial improvements to the underlying engine. This release fixes all known bugs and will be the last release before the 0.5 series, which will incorporate a new browser interface for locating pages on disk.

You can download iMan v0.4 here. See release notes for this version.

Source Code

iMan source code is currently available from the project's Mercurial repository on BitBucket.


Support This Project You may, if you wish, donate any small sum to the project. Donations are appreciated but not expected: iMan is free software in every sense.


The author of iMan is David Reed <>. Questions, comments, bug reports, patches, and code are welcomed to the above address.